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In conjunction with our partner, T-Z Cargo of Hong Kong, ITTI offers the finest transportation services of your firework shipments.

From the time of L/C issuance to delivery to your door, it is now possible to enjoy problem free transportation of your firework shipments at cost saving prices. With more than 16 years experience in ocean transportation as an NVOCC carrying commodities of all kinds including fireworks, ITTI has assembled an unparalleled team solely to handle your imports in a safe, reliable and expeditious manner.

2009 brings the implementation of our new Three into Two program. This program offers trans-loading service on the West Coast of Three, 40 containers into Two, 53 containers. Cost savings can range up to 25% over conventional container shipments. ITTI will handle all documentation, trans-loading and delivery of your cargo to your designated destination. Please contact our sales team to see if the cost savings advantage of this program is right for you.

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ITTI has developed a coordinated operations procedure for the efficient handling of fireworks. Please see the following extract which recaps our generic handling guidelines. We will develop a handling guideline specifically designed to include any requirements specific to your company.

1) T-Z Cargo booking from vendor in China.
2) T-Z Cargo positions container to factory in China.
3) T-Z Cargo makes booking with appropriate carrier.
4) T-Z Cargo arranges for blocking and bracing of load after loading and inspection by a marine surveyor to insure compliance with railroad regulations.
5) T-Z Cargo issues twice weekly booking recap.
6) T-Z Cargo transmits copy of HBL with MBL number shown within three days of departure. Debit note is also sent at the same time.
7) MBL is sent electronically within five days of departure to ITTI by T-Z.
8) ITTI forwards weekly booking recap to importer the day of receipt.
9) ITTI issues arrival notice/freight invoice to our broker the day of receipt. This forwarding will include ETD, ETA as well as other information to be determined and requested by the broker.
10) Intermodal forwarder designates rail carrier to be used.
11) Broker issues IT & pickup orders to trucker two days before vessel arrival.
12) ITTI issues arrival notice to intermodal forwarder and appropriate consignee or broker three days before arrival at the west coast.
13) ITTI pays ocean freight two days before vessel arrival in port.
14) Intermodal forwarder issues billing to the rail, invoices ITTI for door move.
15) Intermodal forwarder coordinates pickup and rail move.
16) ITTI coordinates receipt of monies and authorizes door delivery.
17) Intermodal coordinates door delivery to customer.

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