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For a "quick" trace of your individual full container by House B/L, container, or P.O. number. 

Quick Track user information.

Quick Track provides up-to-the minute shipping details of your full container pulled directly from our database servers. In addition to rail trace details, vital information also includes the Master B/L number, AMS B/L number, and I.T. number, as well as release status.

Just a click of the mouse offers a fully transparent view of your supply chain. From P.O. number to shipper- from origin to final destination- the information is fully customizable.


  • Tracing "Ocean Import/Export, Shipment Information"
  • Configurable List Columns
  • Optional sub-users
  • Search by column listings
  • Carrier and rail tracking
  • Ability to print B/L copies and Arrival Notices

Clicking the Master B/L number gets you to the underlying carrier website. Clicking Rail will rail trace the container.

Quick Track screenshot

Quick Track works in concert with our P.O. Information Management System (PIMS).

PIMS is an information sharing by an unlimited number of users featuring:

      Planned/Estimated/Actual Milestones

      Pre-Alert & Exception Notification

      AMS/ISF Filing

      Real-time Cargo Tracking

PIMS is a value-added service enabling you to take control of your supply chain

      Proactive management of your supply chain - Use information to drive planning and forecasting activities.

      Know the specific metrics required of each milestone in your supply chain. 

For additional information please view our PowerPoint presentation of PIMS.pptx.